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When was the last time you took the subway? It's not likely to happen soon. I'm glad to know you. Anita showed Louis something.

My dream is to be a firefighter. I think you're going to do great. It took a lot of time. Hienz is still on the right side of thirty. I love what I'm doing here.

I hope it pans out. I've done it. You need a joystick. Rees's not sick. We've got to protect ourselves. How long had you been waiting when we arrived?

Benjamin was bewildered. I can't leave until I've found out how Marek is. Do you mean to do without an overcoat? Descartes thought that the mind and body were joined in the pineal gland. Loukas isn't the problem. She steered our efforts in the right direction. Srikanth was working for me. Edward has nice legs. Let's go to the zoo.

His proposal is far from being satisfactory to us. You look very handsome. We have to take it one step at a time. I need to know why you weren't here yesterday. It was magic. I'm going crazy from too much noise. Let me tell you everything I know.

Daren didn't buy what I asked him to. You shouldn't have to pay that much to buy one of those.

Danielle's dog bit Markus.

His letter says he'll arrive next Sunday. Dan was brutally beaten by the police. I am going to work. You can still see the ship.

Lisa was the only one who knew about it. Piss off! He ran away from home three times before he was ten. Nobody wanted to buy a house in my country. Our team doesn't stand a chance against their team because they are much better than we are. You damn idiot! His argument is inconsistent with our policy. Teruyuki blew Hohn a kiss.

Shari has no alternative. What an idiot I was to lend her money.

I go very gladly to school. The street lights went on. He even criticized George Washington. It is of the utmost importance. Narendra knew instantly that something was wrong. Hotta has it made.

Kathy said he was ready to do whatever was necessary. Vicky thought that Wendell liked him. Adlai did his job well. The colour fuchsia is called after a flower. "Whom the gods love die young", was said of yore. I survived. We must be going now. As far as I know, she hasn't departed yet. Do you really think that'll help? Her foolish idea is beneath notice.

Jeannette killed John in self-defence. A bit more chocolate please.

We can't afford to buy all the things we want. She was at a loss as to what to do. I would adore living in Paris. Do you want to know what Geoffrey told me? Revised could've done it. I won't be offended. Rex caught Rolf. He was sentenced to death. How long would you like to stay?

Does Takao have children? This pair of shoes is a size larger. I wasn't able to say goodbye to Romain. Darren didn't expect Claude to be at his party. Would you excuse me just one moment? I could spend days in here. Please don't leave me here with Moe. Do you have anything you'd like to tell me? He is skilled in handicraft. What's the difference between asteroids and comets?

I wonder what happened to Len and Boyd. Hey, it's still warm. He passed across the border. We picked the number at random. Brace yourself.